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2019-09-22 10:52栏目:新闻中心

    Bank of Thailand (BOT) is expected to maintain interest rateat 1.50% today.

    For data, China’s Oct trade numbers come into view withexport growth forecast to remain steady at 7.1% y/y (Sep:8.1%) and import growth likely firm at 17.0% y/y (Sep:18.6%) for a trade surplus of US$39.1bn. Data is expectedto be out at between 10-11 am. China FDI for Oct is alsoexpected to be out today.

Markets continue to watch for developments in the taxreform and President Trump’s trip in Asia. A Washington Postreport in early Asia suggests Senate Republican leadersconsidering a 1-year delay in corporate tax cut though itcould face resistance from President Trump who wants toimplement immediately once passed. The Senate FinanceCommittee plans to release a tax bill as early as Thursday.

    U.S. President Trump will be in China Wed-Thur, with marketeyeing the potential announcement of more commercialdeals. On the agenda for Trump’s China visit will be thebilateral trade deficit and North Korea issues.

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